Document Notarization Services 

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Who is a Notary Public?

This question can be answered with the advice of your lawyer and your accountant.   

Some considerations: 

  • Administer oaths and declarations. You may need a notary to confirm your declaration that certain written statements are true. The person making the declaration must meet the notary in person. 
  • Certify a copy. You may need a notary to provide a “true copy” of an important document such as a diploma or a birth certificate.  Be sure to show the original to the notary.  

Who is a Commissioner of Oaths?

Every Ontario lawyer, and many of their support staff, are commissioners of oaths.  Justices of the Peace and some court employees can also be a commissioner of oaths.  They are authorized to confirm your written declaration that certain statements are true.  A commissioner of oaths can assist with documents such as affidavits that will be used within Ontario. If the document will be sent to another country or province, you may not use a commissioner of oaths.  

Please note that Notary and Commissioner Services do not include reviewing your documents or providing legal advice. 

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